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Innovative Structural Engineering Solutions

Norton Consulting Engineers distinguishes themselves from other engineering firms through their ability to devise innovative structural engineering solutions to meet their client needs. The basis for this is their more than 40 years of construction and structural engineering experience. Drawing on this experience, they are uniquely positioned to provide practical and effective structural engineering solutions for residential and light commercial applications.

About Norton Consulting Engineers Services

We offer a wide array of residential and light commercial services from structural design to assessing structural issues and providing construction project and legal support services for contractors, architects, real estate agents and property owners.

Light Commercial Design

New construction, repair and reinforcement structural design services for light commercial. 

Residential Design

New construction, repair and reinforcement structural designs for residential structures and retaining walls.


Structural evaluations to assess all elements impacting structural integrity with an assessment with estimated costs.

Construction Support

Homeowner construction process support including adherence to outlined structural design, professional practices and local code.

Legal Support

We provide a variety of conflict resolution support services including investigations and expert testimony.

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