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What We Do

Engineering Services

Norton Consulting Engineers, LLC offers light commercial and residential structural engineering designs services, investigations, construction consulting, and expert testimony. Their  unique blend of knowledge and experience enable them to provide exceptional service for all of their client’s structural design needs. 


Light Commercial Design

We provide structural plans and design documents for new construction as well as for  structural changes or improvements such as alterations to bearing walls, underpinning or foundation wall repair.

Residential Design

We offer design documents for new construction, site plans, architectural drawings, detailed designs necessary for permits and design changes due to unforeseen conditions. In addition, we offer retaining wall designs.


Our investigations include general topographical conditions impacting the structure, general condition, problem areas (ie. basement moisture, garage or basement slab settlement and cracking, masonry wall and foundation cracks, floor settlement); damage due to natural disasters (flood, wind, fire, storm), insect damage and compromised retaining walls.

Construction Support

We provide an assessment of current construction as per professional practices and code compliance as well as investigate completed construction with subsequent structural issues.

Legal Support

We provide a variety of conflict resolution support services including investigations, reports and expert testimony.

About Us

Shaping the Future for Over 40 Years

Through our experience in the building trades, we are uniquely positioned to anticipate and identify  issues during the construction process and design solutions for existing structural problems. 

Let’s Work Together

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